Dredging Ashton Park Lake

Ebsford Environmental Ltd have been appointed to undertake dredging/desilting of the lake by Wirral Council. Set up on the site and delivery of equipment will commence on 6th November.

Dredging/desilting of the lake is expected to start on 13th November and take 2 weeks to complete. There will be parking restrictions on a limited part of Westbourne Road to facilitate access to Westbourne Hall, Westbourne Hall car park and part of the lakeside pathway. Local residents have been informed with a leaflet. A public drop-in session to inform park users and local residents of the work being undertaken is being organised and details will follow.

The lake has been dredged every 20-25 years over the history of the park (which opened in 1901). The last dredging was in the mid-1990’s. The Friends of Ashton Park became concerned about the accumulation of sludge and debris in the lake in 2016 and, aided by the late Cllr David Elderton, launched a petition for this work to be undertaken again. This was accepted by the Council.

The delay has been due to the difficulty of meeting modern environmental regulations, the Covid pandemic, finalising the best way of undertaking the work and then finding a suitable contractor. Happily we have now reached the works stage: our thanks to Wirral Council for funding and undertaking the work.