Crime, vandalism and
anti-social behaviour

If you witness anti-social behaviour, vandalism or crime please report it to the Police.

Call 999 if it is a serious incident or is still taking place, or ring 101 to report a lesser incident or one that has happened in the past. Alternatively, report it on the Merseyside Police website here.

The police welcome your reporting as it tells them where there are problems and they can also monitor concentrations of incidents. We welcome this as it helps us liaise with the Police about security issues relating to the park.

It is always best that you report issues direct, don’t rely on us.

Police on horseback at the 2023 May Fair

Wirral Council are responsible for safety, repair of equipment and fittings and graffiti removal.

Report issues to them here and look for ‘Report a Problem in a Park or Playground’.

Alternatively, contact Street Scene on 0151 606 2004 (Weekdays 9 – 5) or 0151 647 7810 out of hours. Please don’t contact the FOAP.

The vandalised nest swing and, above, graffiti on the bridge in the park